Upcoming Events for January and February 2012 for Vancouver MMA

Upcoming Events for January and February 2012 for Vancouver MMA 

Quest for Glory: Jan. 27’12:  Emilio Ditrocchio will be going for his second MMA title, Joe Halfar, a 2 time Muay Thai Title holder, will be defending his title, Franco Palines will be competed in his 3rd Muay Thai fight, Kevin Lam will be competing in his first Muay Thai ring fight. We are still trying to match Manuel Sarmiento for his 2nd mma fight, Alex Apareschevei for his 5th Muay Thai fight, Francis Tiapis for his 2nd Muay Thai ring fight, and Minna Kim for her first Muay Thai ring fight.

Gionco International MMA and Muay Thai:  is scheduled for Feb ’12

Kai Singthong:is scheduled for March ’12. A couple of CMTA titles are on the line. TBA.

Belt Tests

Saturday Jan. 21’12 at 12:30 pm: Adults Pankration/MMA

Friday February 10 ’12 @ 7:00 pm: Adults Muay Thai

Saturday February 11 ’12 @ 11:00am: Junior Pankration/MMA.  On this date Jordan Pham and William Chung will be testing for their Jr. Black Belt and Gail McPhee is scheduled to test for her Black Stripe.

New Programs and Classes

Mr. Paul Gibbons will be conducting a windsprint/Plyometrics program on Sundays at 1 pm. These training sessions will help the fighters get in better shape for the Vancouver MMA program. 

There is a new Yoga program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the mornings from 7-8:15 am and on Mondays, and Wednesdays in the evening from 5:30 -6:45 pm. There is a special introductory offer available for a limited time.

Mr. Sarmiento is teaching two extra Muay Thai classes per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30- 7:00 pm.

There is nutritional coaching available to go over all types of goal setting, body fat testing, picture-taking, accountability, and review of sound nutritional practices. This is available at no charge by appointment. 

Vancouver MMA and fitness training at Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai

Mr. Paul Gibbons, a 3rd degree black belt in our style with almost 25 years experience as a student and teacher at Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai, is running extra windsprint and plyometric classes on Sunday’s to help the fighter’s and anyone interested in getting in peak shape and condition. We often use a program of 400 metre sprints with rest times being twice as long as sprint times for a period of 8-10 sprints. We also utilize 40 metre sprint variations of sideways hoping, wheelbarrows, broad jumps and more.  This is helpful for our Vancouver MMA students who really want that little extra and go the extra mile.. Paul, I have to say, “thank you very much” wow.. because you are doing this on your own accord and your own passion and desire to help. Your spirit is appreciated.

Vancouver MMA

Vancouver MMA

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