Tiger Balm International’s Tournament Results for March 15 @16 ’14 with a spotlight on Miguel Beleno for Kids MMA Vancouver

Tiger Balm International’s Tournament Results for March 15 @16 ’14 with a spotlight on Miguel Beleno for Kids MMA Vancouver

Tiger Balm International Results for Saturday: Ayden Arnold got Gold in Submission Wrestling, Jordan Johal- Gold Submission Wrestling, Jayden Prevost  -Gold in Submission Wrestling, Victor Tiapis – Gold in Submission Wrestling, Miguel Beleno- Gold in Submission Wrestling, Jaden Prevost- Bronze in Submission Wrestling and Honourable mention to Terrence Wai for competing in his first tournament. Terrence has said he is keen for more.. and Honourable mention to Justin Prevost.. I would also like to congratulate Chris and Dimitri Kats on getting Gold in their Submission Wrestling.

Also big congratulations to Martin  on getting gold in MMA by tko via low kick and Miguel Beleno for also getting gold in MMA. That was an excellent fight.

I was mc and eulogizing my old friend Trent at his funeral today and had to come late. If I missed anybody, I apologize. I was told of many of the results. Great job everyone. I am thoroughly impressed and thankful. Feel free to post some pics Rafael Beleno and..???… OSU!

Iliatia wins bronze today in advanced kickboxing. 4 fights: 3-1. He gets the tko in one and 2 other victories and misses the split decision. He is now preparing for his first Muay Thai ring fight and has goals for submission wrestling, then Pankration/MMA . Awesome job Ilaitia Korobosaga. Thank you to the coaches who helped out: Francis Tiapis, Victor Tiapis, Kevin Lam, Franco Palines, and our excellent coaches and support staff: Paul Gibbons, George Kassimatis, Costa Rojas, Minna Kim, Michael Milosiewicz, Ed Kumar, Elaine Fung, Marijana Slavnic, Shaun  Leong, Chris Leong, Andrew De Leon, Manuel Sarmiento, Emilio Ditrocchio, Joe Halfar, and Alex Apareschevei. Great job this weekend! You people are awesome.. OSU!

Miguel gets a double gold at the tournament in Submission Wrestling and in Jr. Pankration/MMA in our Kids MMA Vancouver program at Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai. Miguel did extremely well submitting 2 opponents and dominating the other opponent in MMA with a good combination of Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu-jitsu techniques. At 15 years of age, Miguel is an impressive young man. He aspires to go into either law school or medical school after graduation and is preparing for his Jr. black belt in Pankration/MMA. Since Miguel trains largely in the adult program, even considering his young chronology, we will make a special addition to our next Adult Pankration/MMA test and have him test for his Junior black belt in the adult testing, as this will allow him for a greater challenge and more excitement.

Here is a link to his competition in submission wrestling and Pankration/MMA: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152280286920351&set=vb.671175350&type=2&theater

or here is also the link: Miguel Beleno’s conpetition at the Tiger Balm’s in submission Wrestling and mma

Kids MMA Vancouver

Kids MMA Vancouver

For information on our style and classes, click the link: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Submission Wrestling

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