Paris Kumar

12 year old, green belt,  Paris Kumar’s essay on Mixed Martial Arts for School

What if a stranger grabbed you, punched you, took you down and choked you out? If you knew martial arts, you could of turned that bad situation around. Or, what if you have anger and want to let it out, martial arts is a great exertion of energy and it will help calm you down.
Dear Judges, teachers, parents and fellow students, today I will be talking to you about MMA and the many ways it helps you. If you don’t know what MMA stands for, it is short for Mixed Martial Arts.
One interesting fact about mixed martial arts is that it is a mix of kickboxing, wrestling and take downs. In martial arts you learn multiple defenses. There are defenses for stand up, take downs and wrestling. Martial arts builds confidence. If you know how to defend yourself with martial arts, you will be more confident in bad situations. Senseis also teach you how to avoid situations with violence and to be aware of whatʼs around you. Even though you may know martial arts it doesn’t  mean that you will or need to use it, it is there as a back up or last resort. Mixed martial arts is fun! It keeps you busy and out of trouble.It also keeps you fit. If you like challenging yourself mentally and physically, start doing martial arts.

I go to PosenerʼsPankration in Vancouver and I learn a lot from martial arts. Many people think that martial arts is violent, but it is actually very controlled and it is almost like a physical game of chess. Simon Posener, is the Shihan or master, at Posenerʼs Pankration and we believe that you should always do your best, and never quit. We follow five tenants at our dojo; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit. Most of the Senseiʼs at my dojo, started martial arts at the age of 6 or 7 so they have lots of experience.
We have won many trophies which we are very proud, yet modest of winning. My training is called Pankration which is a combination of kickboxing, submissions and grappling. Theclasses that you can take at PosenerʼsPankration are Muay Thai kickboxing, Weapons, Submission Wrestling, Cardio Muay Thai and Pankration. Yoga was recently included to the school.
Some history on martial arts is that it only had two belt colours. White and Black. This represented that all students were equal.
At PosenerʼsPankration there are 9 belts, white, yellow, orange, purple, green, (which I am), blue, red, red stripe, junior black and black belt. For each belt, you achieve threestripes and each stripe means that you have accomplished a different level in the belt.After you get three stripes, you test for your next belt at a belt test. The belt tests are usually every 3 to 4 months and are tests of endurance, technique and mental discipline.Mixed martial arts helps build confidence, teaches you mental discipline and self defense. Mixed martial arts is a great sport and it is never too late to start. If you enjoy sports and want a challenge, join martial arts. Mixed martial arts is my passion and I would like to do it for the rest of my life.

Paris Kumar
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