Posener’s Pankration / MMA Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver Testimonials

Posener’s Pankration / MMA Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver Testimonials

2 years ago

My name is Joe Halfar and I one of sensei Simon Posners’ ring fighters. I would like to take this opportunity to shed light on what our school offers. KelLees academy of martial arts is one of the few schools in the lower mainland that focuses not only on physical conditioning but on the traditional philosophy of the martial arts. Mental, discipline, fitness, dedication, and a growing desire to keep on improving are some attributes that sensei Simon Posner focuses on. For the past three years I have learned how to push myself physically but also mentally threw rough times in competition along with my personal life. The skills I have acquired and continue to develop will guide me throughout life and will help me deal with everyday situations. I would recommend Kel Lee’s academy of martial arts to anyone who wants to strive for excellence.

Joe Halfar
Martial Arts Vancouver

a year ago

A top notch school! I have trained at this gym for close to 10 years and during my time here I have experience continued growth and improvement–both as a fighter and as a person. The gym is superbly equipped and hosts a wide range of skill levels from novice to experienced fighters and champions, allowing anyone of any skill level to join and be immediately challenged to progress. Training under Simon Posener is truly unique because not only does one develop and hone physical attributes, but also mental ones; The philosophy taught focuses on developing the mind, body and spirit–and it does just that! Through training here I acquired qualities that aid me in many different facets of life, be it at work or school. When faced with mental fatigue while studying for exams at university or stress for a job / graduate school interview, my training here has provided me the tenants such a perseverance and self control (among many others) to aid me through such difficult situations. Ultimately, my experience here allows me to feel prepared for challenges both in the ring and the classroom, and that is why I can’t imagine myself training anywhere else!



a week ago

I’ve been with Posener’s for more than 14 years and have competed in numerous tournaments and ring/cage fights. The school provides the perfect setting for developing skills for any age group and skill level, both mental and physical. The atmosphere holds a friendly vibe and all the instructors are knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help you succeed. They are able to give you the push you need to reach whatever your goals are, whether you’re competing, learning self defense or just getting physically fit. The building itself is two floors and has all the necessary equipment including free weights, punching bags, a ring and partial cage. As someone who has been training for most of my life, I can say that this is one of the best schools out there today.

Emilio D