Muay Thai and Pankration/ MMA Vancouver Test Results: Oct. 28,29’11

Muay Thai and Pankration/ MMA Vancouver Test Results: Oct. 28,29’11
Muay Thai Oct. 28’11 

Alban Wood: Yellow, Justin Misenas: Yellow, David Haisell: Yellow, Roddy MacIsaac: Yellow, Daniel Van Tijn: Orange, and Eila Akbari: Blue.

Pankration/MMA Oct. 29 ’11

Terence Wai: Yellow, Andrew Priddle-Higson: Yellow, Glen Kim: Orange, and Edwyn Kumar: Blue.

Congratulations: OSU!

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MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver  

Ed Kumar is pictured here sparring with Andrew De Leon. Ed was the most experienced at this test. He has been a long-standing student and friend. He started training in karate as a kid and starting training at Posener’s Pankration/ MMA Vancouver school in the 90’s. He also is a great instructor and regularly instructs the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing program with enthusiasm and passion. He enjoys adding some of the MMA Vancouver curriculum into his instruction. His wife is also a level 7 participant in the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing program, who also participated in our women’s mma program. Their son’s Paris, who is a red belt, and Lucien, who is a purple belt in the Junior Pankration/MMA program are also great kids and good mixed martial artists. I am thankful for their participation at the school and for their friendship to myself, girlfriend and my son, who is a frequent friend of their children. They are a great mixed martial arts family who desires success for themselves and their kids. and.. yes… they are doing exceptionally well academically.

As part of our Qualification Code for advancement in belts, one of the requirements is to show improvement in school, or work. The details of the Qualification code will be on another entry.  Ed’s kids are amazing and are at a very high level academically leading their demographic. They have found that our MMA program for kids and adults has benefits on and off the mat, which is the goals. OSU!

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