Julian Paul our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver student is recovering slowly from H1N1 at VGH. He is just getting out of Intensive Care

Julian Paul our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver student is recovering slowly from H1N1 at VGH. He is just getting out of Intensive Care

Here is the latest update from his parents. We are setting up a visit for this Tuesday afternoon. 

Julian was off the ventillator most of the day yesterday.  He also had the valve in the trach adjusted so he could speak.  He is so joyful at that development.  Sarah was able to go in and be the first non-medical person to experience that joyful time.  She said she was in on a conversation with the doctors about Julian understanding how important it is not to rush the process, so that his body isn’t taxed too much that he would regress.  He’s nauseated and vomiting, and that disturbs his sleeping, but he thinks if they stop the feeding tube at night, that would solve that problem, and so they will try that tonight.
He was sitting in the chair for 40 minutes yesterday.  It takes such concentration of his mind to sit up, that he cannot have any extraneous noise or distraction.  And of course when he’s done, it’s like he’s done a marathon.  And that’s just sitting in the chair.
He does the exercises the physio gave him, and is functioning nicely.
It was nice to go in Friday and seeing him manipulating his own bed and suctioning his own mouth.
He has massive pockets of old hard skin, still attached, and a result of being so swollen for so long.  Of course, this is uncomfortable and we can help by constantly lotioning up the worst areas, especially his feet.  We also need to massage his feet and restore proper circulation.
Morton went in on the 8:30 ferry this morning in order to have a couple of hours visit.  He’s reading Julian The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow.  He said they had a great conversations, though it isn’t easy for Julian to speak.  When I called, Morton put it on speaker.  And the miraculous magical words came through phone:  I love you, mom.  What a joy to hear him speak!
Morton said they spoke with Dr. Macbeth who again cautioned Julian not to outdistance his capability, and Julian agreed.
The other thing Dr. Macbeth said was that it’s possible that Julian will be out of ICU by week’s end, for instance, in a couple of days!
Thank you all for the continuing support and pillars to lean on.  When we are in Vancouver we are incommunicado and when we arrive home, we are exhausted and trying to recover.  Sometimes, I just can’t face the computer and, in the face of all your kindnesses, I gasp weakly in guilt.  But hey!  This ain’t about us.  Hugs,

Another update from a relative of Julian:

It’s been 5 weeks tomorrow since you called the ambulance and we’re taken to the hospital. Almost 4 weeks since they were able to take you off ECMO. 3 weeks since they lightened up the sedation and you were able to come out of the medically induced coma. 1 week since the physiotherapist helped you stand on your own. 1 week since the valve in your trach was adjusted so you could finally speak. 4 days that you have… been breathing off the ventilator. 1 day since you were breathing on your own with out needing the oxygen. And 1 day since you showed them that your kidneys still have some function!
I hope today is the day they move you out of the ICU in to another ward where you will continue the battle towards recovery.
So many people that you know, and ones you don’t, have been sending you love, prayers, light, good vibes, and special requests about you, to their alien overlords.
I know your body is still weak, but I know how strong you are.
Love you Julian.

Since he is in ICU today, we will have to visit when he gets a room, which should be soon. January 28 ’14.

As of February 7 ’14, here is the latest.

We have come to the next stage of the recuperation – transformation – because, almost unbelievably, the hospital is discharging Julian tomorrow, Friday the 7th of February. As you know, he was admitted Christmas Day, spent 5 weeks in ICU and one week in Thoracic.

Tomorrow Morton will go in to Vancouver, Giselle will pick him up at the ferry in Julian’s car, they will get Sarah and scoop up Julian, and a single prescription and scoot him away from there. They will pick up the dogs and then Sarah, Julian, the dogs and Morton will drive to the ferry and back to Nanaimo. Of course I’m worried about the coldness, it’s much colder than usual, especially on the ferry, etc. etc. But, he’s coming home! Julian has made a miraculous recovery. We ran into Dr. Grisdale on Monday and he said they were having a meeting about Julian and all the ICU doctors are just amazed how far he’s come, how fast.

Well, if we’re talking miracles, we all know how that came about. The amazing kindness and concern and constant prayers from all those who believe we are connected to the universe in inconceivable ways, calling upon all manner of energies and goodness. What can we say? The simplest and most heartfelt of thank yous to all the lovely friends, family and many total strangers, each with their own beliefs, who we learned took the time to care – who caught our family, stopped us in our fall and flung us back into a steady orbit.

We shall continue to give you updates, even though we promise nothing shall be as intensely dramatic as the first few chapters of this saga.

We still are filled with questions, rejoicing in the kidneys, but not at all understanding the state of Julian’s right lung. However, his progressively longer and faster loops around the twelfth floor, independent of the walker, result in no shortness of breath! And the doctors long ago stopped talking about removing it, and instead talked about regeneration. Endless miracles.

Thank you.



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Julian Paul Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver student

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