Jr. Pankration/MMA and Adult Muay Thai Vancouver Test Results May 3 and 4 ’12

Jr. Pankration/MMA and Adult Muay Thai Vancouver

Muay Thai Vancouver

Muay Thai Vancouver

Test Results May 3 and 4th ’12

Jr. Pankration/MMA Test Results:

Lucien Kumar- Yellow belt, Brandon Jang-Yellow belt,  Kyle Jang-Yellow belt,  James Wolf- Yellow belt,  Nhi Doan- Orange Belt,  Chi Doan-Orange belt,  Colton Lee- Orange belt,  Jordan Johal- Orange belt,  Kevin Doan- Orange belt,  Clark Duan- Purple belt,  Jared Wou- Purple belt,   Justice Lavallee-Bird- purple belt, and  Sean Bird- Blue Belt.

Adult Muay Thai Test Results: Andy Chang-White and Yellow belt,  Graham Robertson-Yellow belt,  Glen Quach- Yellow belt,  Matt Ryan- Yellow belt,   Mike Slack- Orange belt,  Austin Woo- Orange belt,  David Yan- Orange belt,  Roddy MacIsaac- Orange belt,  Iliatia Korobasaga- Orange belt,  and  Martin Kwiatkowski- Brown belt.

Congratulations on taking on the challenge and making progress! OSU!

These tests of Jr. Pankration/MMA or Kids MMA Vancouver and adult Muay Thai Vancouver have  mainly beginners and intermediate levels. Ilaitia Korobosaga was a standout in this testing and in his training, positive attitude, drive for success and energy. The picture shows a tournament of Ilaitia winning gold, and he enjoys the competitive environment, as he comes from a competitive rugby background and wanted an avenue to pursue his desire for challenges and an outlet for his physical energies. Ilaitia is a keen MMA student, and, although his first love is striking, he is taking part in the submission wrestling classes, and wants to compete in submission wrestling and MMA. He is now putting in the time needed to acquire those skills and he is excited to challenge himself in both of those separate disciplines; submission wrestling first and then Pankration/MMA.

Being a new father, it has presented some challenges with his time, but with a little extra mental discipline and sensitivity, Ilaitia is managing getting his training in and being a husband and father to a baby girl. It is a pleasure to see so many of the students mature into parents and keep training in a balanced manner. The next generations will benefit from the strength of the parents.

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