I have some interesting ideas for Shootboxing tonight for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver.

I have some interesting ideas for Shootboxing tonight including Japanese rules with Submissions from standing for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver. 

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Basically Shootboxing is a mixture of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Wrestling. This class is a good bridge from the striking range into the grappling range. It does cover the takedown aspect in conjunction with the striking. Again, this is an essential element for the striker who wants to get into MMA and for the grappler to know how to blend striking and grappling and putting the striker on the ground. We will cover in this class striking to wrestling in offensive combinations and we will cover takedowns as counters to all the basic strikes. It makes a great sport, is exciting, dynamic and a lot of fun. It does not go into the ground fighting in detail but, as a fairly new addition to the shootboxing rules, standing submissions are allowed. So, if a submission is started from the standing position it can continue for a period on the ground. Typically the guillotines and kimuras are some of the main submission weapons used. Those skills will certainly get extra practice.

We have been training this style for since the early 90’s and have used this style in Sabaki competition, as this is a mixture of full contact Karate and Judo, which I did in ’95 at the world championships and went to the semi final match  losing to the previous year’s champion on a 4-4 then 5-4 decision as the referee had to judge. The director said it was a draw. It was a good fight. I also fought for the World Shootboxing Title in ’95, which went to an overtime round,  and lost by a point, as I was nursing a broken nose from training. I have really enjoyed these skills for well over 25 years.  I have been constantly refining the methods and have taught many students who have done well. Anthony Britton became the Sanshou champion and fought in the world championships in Hong Kong and there have certainly been others. Sanshou is almost the same as Shootboxing but has a few more idiosyncratic rules. The constant influx of wrestling, and sport jiu-jitsu techniques have helped the style grow. MMA has been a huge influence on the growth of the techniques in general and in particular in this aspect.

So today’s class will build on our previous skills and the fitness development is also strong due to the blending of the striking and wrestling and to a lesser degree the submission energies.

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