MMA Vancouver /Pankration Instructor Evaluations ’12 at Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai

MMA Vancouver / Pankration and Instructor Evaluation Results:

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

MMA Vancouver


Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

MMA Vancouver


Submission Wrestling Vancouver

Grappling Vancouver

George Kassimatis- 2nd degree black belt, Emilio Ditrocchio-2nd degree black belt, Rudy Martinello-2nd degree black belt, Victor Wang-Red belt, Manuel Sarmiento- Blue Belt, Stefan Hawes- Orange belt, Andrew Devlin-Orange Belt, Sanjay Kajal- Yellow belt, Jimmy Kajal- Yellow Belt. Congratulations and a big fat OSU!.

This day represents one of the school’s greatest achievements in its, at this point in time, 25 year operation. Simon Posener has been running a mixed martial arts school full time since 1989 and he has been practising martial arts for almost 35 years. Today a number of his long time students get promoted in the degrees of black belt and further solidify their positions as instructors of the academy.

George Kassimatis is now a second degree black belt in Pankration/MMA and has trained at the school for over 16 years. He is the former professional Valley Fight MMA champion and the former NAC champion. He also fought for the Elite World MMA championship. George is a personable, excellent instructor with a high degree of skill, personality and professionalism. He is now the proud father of 2 girls. His wife is also a valued member of the school and one of the most advanced Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Practitioners. George’s and Costa’s skill is of such a high level that they have been commissioned as motion capture athletes for various MMA Video games. George continues to teach train and enjoys coaching the up and coming mma vancouver athletes and treats the recreational student and competitive student with equal respect and attention; although the competitive student will certainly train more often.

Emilio Ditrocchio has also trained for 16 years in the style, since he was a child. As a child he was on the Canadian Sport Jiu-Jitsu team, and he competed as a kid/ Junior in Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Emilio also won the featherweight WCP MMA title with his signature move the arm bar. Emilio is now 5-1 in MMA and is fighting in the BFL against a tough Russ McCumber upcoming. Emilio is also a university graduate and is recovering from some injuries but enjoys competition as a way to challenge himself and grow. He is looking forward to a tough fight and challenge and the feeling of victory.

More to come on the other awesome instructor’s soon: OSU!





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