Events and Testing Schedule for April, May and June ’12- MMA Vancouver

Events and Testing Schedule for April, May and June ’12-MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver


Friday May 4’12: MMA and Muay Thai at the Fraserview Hall- Gionco’s

Saturday May 5’12: BC Grappling Tournament- Langley

Friday May 25’12: Quest for Glory: MMA and Muay Thai

Saturday June 2’12: Revolution Grappling Tournament

Saturday June 2’12: Battlefield Fight League

July 6,7,8, ’12: West Coast Can Ams: Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling.

 Belt Tests:

Friday April 27 ’12: Adults Muay Thai @ 7 pm.

Saturday April 28’12: Junior’s Pankration/MMA @ 11 am.

Saturday June 9 ’12: Instructor’s Testing @ 12:30 pm,.

Saturday June 16’12: Jr. Pankration/MMA Black Belt Testing @ 11 am.

(There are a number of positive and challenging events on schedule. Those participating are setting a positive example. The ‘Way’ is in training. Or, alternatively, Training is the ‘Way’. If you have questions, let me know. 🙂  ).

The junior black belt testing in Pankration/ MMA Vancouver is a highlight because it represents years of committment to the training, which is a feat in itself, and loyalty to the school. For kids making this step the parents are as much to praise as the teachers because it is somewhat challenging to keep kids on track with multiple distractions. It is a team effort, which is encouraged. There is a saying for every black belt that is attained by a kid in mma or other martial arts, there is a parent who strongly encouraged, or even forced attendance, at some point. There are exceptions but a path that may take 8 years to achieve, as in this particular case, has many ups and downs. There are ups and downs of skill acquisition and motivation. However, with the development of the non- quitting spirit or the indomitable spirit, which represents one aspect of the spiritual aspect of martial arts, success is ensured on the mat, and there is likely to be great corresponding benefits off the mat.

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