Emilio Ditrocchio Quick Interview before his MMA Bout at BFL for MMA Vancouver on November 7 ’14.

Emilio Ditrocchio Quick Interview before his MMA Bout at BFL for MMA Vancouver on November 7 ’14

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Emilio Ditrocchio, who is currently rated #5 in the Battlefield Fight League rankings and has a 5-2 record in MMA, discusses some of his thoughts prior to his fight on training, fighting and more…

1. How is your training going for your upcoming MMA bout? How often do you train, for example, and tell us a bit about your preparation techniques and style.

Emilio: I’m training 6 days a week. During the day I’ll work my Muay Thai, grappling, or MMA classes and in the mornings I’ll do either sprints or strength and conditioning. 

2. How important is diet and strength and conditioning to your preparedness along with the technical practice of MMA?

Emilio:  Both diet and strength and conditioning are very important in performing well. I don’t have any weird diets but it’s important to cut out the junk food and eat clean during training for obvious reasons. It’s important to supplement MMA with other workouts like strength and conditioning because getting tired in the cage isn’t fun.

3. Do you do any mental training or visualization?

Emilio:  I try to meditate as much as I can. If I have a fight coming up I’ll visualize myself in the cage in all the different situations that can happen and try to picture myself working my game plan as well as getting out of bad positions.

4. What do you like about MMA and competing in general?

Emilio:  I like how mentally and physically challenging it is and how it forces you to always be evolving your technique inside and outside the mat.

5. What do you like about teaching MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Submission Wrestling?

Emilio: Teaching gives you the chance to refine your knowledge because you need to be able to look at it from an outside perspective that is applicable to others. It helps you better understand different techniques and it feels good to pass on what you know to others.

6. How has your MMA training and skill development benefited you off the mat in your school, work and relationships?

Emilio:  Training gives me something positive to focus my mind on which translates to me feeling more relaxed and focused in my day to day activities.

7. What are your predictions for your upcomig MMA bout?

Emilio:  I’ve trained hard for the fight and am ready. I think my opponent is going to have a tough time and I’ll be able to dominate anywhere the fight goes.

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