Emilio Ditrocchio does comeback for for BFL in Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver at the River Rock Casino.

Emilio Ditrocchio does comeback for for BFL in Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver at the River Rock Casino on March 14 ’14. 

Emilio Ditrocchio returns to the cage to fight Russ McCumber at BFL 28 on March 14 ’14. After suffering a serious ligament tear in his knee over a year and a half ago, Emilio had to take some time off for rehabilitation and schooling.

Bother fighters fought well in a back and forth battle that went the distance. Bother fighters showed skill in muay thai, wrestling and Jiu-jitsu; and they were both tough. It was a very close, good fight. Russ got the decision. Emilio is keen to keep at it and make progress from the fight. I am very impressed. OSU!

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver



This is a nice pic of the early action. As you can tell, both fighters are in shape and looking good. Emilio learned from this close fight and has renewed motivation to keep improving and take his game to the next level and work toward a title shot in this organization.

Emilio is a 2nd degree black belt in our style and has been training since he was a child. Emilio also helps instruct some of the classes and is a good, personable, knowledgeable instructor. I can certainly remember the days 14 years ago when he was on the Canadian Jr. Sport Jiu-Jitsu team, where we had 6 members on the Adult and Jr. squad and I was head coaching; time has passed from that period. The students are always amazed at some of the pictures. I will be meeting soon with Emilio to strategize some of the areas to improve upon. Some ideas are more intention in striking, strong balance, and some strength and conditioning ideas; not to give too much away at this point. Emilio showed definite skills but he can do more, as that is the interesting challenge.

Here is the link to the fight: Emilio Ditrocchio BFL 28 in Pankration/MMA

I am looking forward to setting some new goals and moving forward for Emilio in our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver program.

For information on our style and classes: Posener’s Pankration, Submission Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing

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