Christmas Party, Open House and Demonstration Agenda Saturday Dec.18’10 12-4 pm for Martial Arts Vancouver.

Christmas Party, Open House and Demonstrations Agenda. (Slightly revised) for Martial Arts Vancouver

Saturday December 18’10 from 12-4 pm.

Group 1 – 12:30 pm

Junior Pankration/MMA

Forms: Adam Posener, Ayden Arnold, and Paris Kumar

Pads: Miguel Beleno and Dad, Rafael Beleno.

Pankration Sparring: Jaecen Legaspi and Nicholas Tran, Owen Naperalski and Martin Kim

Group 2 – 1:30 pm

Youth Pankration/MMA

Weapons: Elias Ventura

Semi-free and Free Pankration Sparring: Nicholas Andreatta and Aladdin Ramadan.

Group 3 – 2:30 pm

Adult Muay Thai

Pads: Minna Kim and Victor Wang, and Warren Orcullo and Victor Wang

Muay Thai Sparring: Joe Halfar and Michael Scarborough, Arash Ravanchi and Sandeep Kaler, Franco Palines and Steven Cukic, Minna Kim and Lee McCulloch.

Group 4 – 3:30 pm

Adult Pankration/MMA

Pankration Sparring:  Ed Kumar and Van Lee, Lenny Ho and Andrew De Leon, Martin and Jonas Kwiatkowski, and  Victor Wang and George Kassimatis.

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

Great party at Martial Arts Vancouver, Posener’s Pankration.

Here is a link to our website: Posner’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Submission grappling, Cardio Kickboxing and Weapons

Our Christmas Party is an awesome way for us to lock in the past year in our minds, connect with our friends and family at a nice function, and display our skills with pride for our friends, family and others. I am really proud that our members are keen on displaying the skills that they have worked so hard to obtain. It is really quite impressive, especially to the uninitiated, to show the skills that can be learned through our style of mixed martial arts. We also have an awesome potluck, which the members share and the delectable items are enjoyed by many. It was a great party and I look forward to the next one.


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