Kids MMA Vancouver Ayrton Baria gets his Jr. Black Belt in Pankration/

Kids MMA Vancouver Ayrton Baria gets his Jr. Black Belt in Pankration/ Kids MMA Vancouver

After about 8 years, or so, of training at our Vancouver DojoOOkids tkd and sub pic ayrton. Ayrton started training at the dojo at about 8 years of age as a very keen student. He really enjoyed and did well at forms. That attention to details has helped him learn some of the more complicated grappling and striking maneovers. As he is progressing into his teens his understanding of the big picture is growing and his knowledge of the principles is good. His black belt essay, which is a requirement for his testing outlined his objectives in martial arts and what benefits he has received from mma.  His future goals are congruent with the school’s philosophy and he is heading in the right direction for future growth, success and accomplishments. He understand that success is built on hard work and a lot of mental discipline. The principles that are indoctrinated at the school have helped him get to this point. His application of the philosophy will propel him further, as he has described on his Jr. Black Belt essay. Ayrton is continually improving his striking and grappling skills. He also does well in school, which is another requirement of the Jr. Black belt in Pankration/ Kids MMA Vancouver. Another requirement is a good basic level of physical conditioning and sparring in mixed martial arts for 5 rounds minimum.  Congratulations Ayrton Baria! I am confident you will progress to the next levels. Keep up the good work. OSU

It was also great to have Martin Kim also test for his Jr. Black belt in Pankration/ Kids MMA Vancouver during this test, as he joins another one of his fellow students, Jaecen Legaspi, who is also a recent jr. black belt recipient, into the jr. black belt ranks. They have all demonstrated an accomplishment and a desire to continue on the path of mixed martial art skill and personal development.

The jr. black belt testing took about 2-3 hours and consisted of many elements; which will be described in another entry or later.