All Ages X-mas party/Open House/Demonstrations Schedule for MMA Vancouver

All Ages X-mas party/Open House/Demonstrations Schedule for MMA Vancouver

Classes: Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, CMT, Weapons at Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai

11:30 am

1. Adam Posener & Jordan Johal: Forms and Pankration/MMA sparring

2. Chris Katsiamitis & Paris Kumar: Rolls/Shadow moves and Pankration/MMA sparring

3. Martin Kim & Jaecen Legaspi: Rolls/ shadow moves and Pankration/MMA Sparring

4. Elias Ventura: Form

5.  Jordan Pham & William Chung: MMA Technique and MMA Sparring

12:30 pm

6. Ayden Arnold & Nicholas Tran: Rolls/shadow moves and PKN/MMA sparring

7. Elias Ventura: Weapons form

8. Austin Woo &Eila Akbari: Muay Thai Sparring

9. Francis Tiapis & Victor Tiapis: PKN/MMA sparring

10. Franco Palines & Steven Cukic: Muay Thai sparring

1:30 pm

11. Minna Kim & Francis Tiapis: Pads and Muay Thai Sparring

12. Joe Halfar & Kevin Lam: Pads, Muay Thai technique and Muay Thai sparring.

13. Andrew Devlin & Glen Kim: PKN/MMA Sparring

14. Sandeep Kaler & Jonas Kwiatkowski: Muay Thai Sparring

15. Manuel Sarmiento & Stefan Hawes: PKN/MMA Sparring

2:30 pm

16. Martin Kwiatkowski & Alex Apareschevei: PKN/MMA Sparring

17. Ed Kumar & Andrew De Leon: MMA Sparring

18. Paul Gibbons & ? : Self Defense and breaking demo

19. Emilio Ditrocchio and Rudy Martinello: PKN/MMA Sparring.

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

** If there are any questions, concerns or comments, let me know. Remember to bring your friends, and family. One week passes will be available for those who want them.

This picture shows Adam Posener with his Fight Team T-shirt, which he was very happy to get. For those of you who understand the situation, you can appreciate the relevance of this achievement. In order to get a Fight Team T-shirt, a student must have either competed in a competition or is close to competing in the future. There are a few types of competition that we, as a school, participate in, and this has changed somewhat over the years. For the last many number of years our staple of competition types have been Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing and other forms of Kickboxing, and Submission Wrestling, or what is sometimes referred to as No gi jiu-jitsu, catch wrestling or submission grappling. Although competition is not a requirement at the school, having a special team certainly builds the energy and excitement for those who do like to compete.

At the Christmas Party we will demonstrate a number of the sparring types that can be used for Fitness, self defense, mental discipline and sport by men, women and children.

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