A pic from a few years ago of a Mixed Martial Arts Demo at the PNE for Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

A pic from a few years ago of a Mixed Martial Arts Demo at the PNE for Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

Interesting how the kids grow and develop. This is from a number of years ago from our demonstration of mixed martial arts at the PNE, which is close to our Vancouver school. We have demonstrated here for years. Here is another:

Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

We did demos at the Festival square for almost 10 years. The site for these demos has recently changed. It was a lot of fun to demonstrate in our neighbourhood and give the students an opportunity to showcase their skills and receive some well earned reinforcements. An added bonus was the PNE was very generous in giving all of us and our significant other complimentary ride and entrance passes. We even got coupons for discounts at the food vendors. It also gave us the opportunity to connect and hang out together, which was awesome. Adam really enjoyed it, as did the others.

Here is some information on our Kids and Youth Pankration/MMA classes, which have been going strong for over 25 years of my full time instruction and school ownership:

To register for our self defence classes for kids in Vancouver, contact us – the best mixed martial arts school in Vancouver!


Vancouver’s best Mixed Martial Arts school for children and youths.

With special attention given to motor skill development, mental focusing attributes, and children’s inherent capabilities. Youth kickboxing Vancouver Children’s and Teen classes are designed to emphasize:


The development of these qualities and principals are given extra attention because they build a strong foundation in the three battles: the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.If developed properly, then success is assured.

This is a little blurb really about how we are a mixed martial arts style emphasizing traditional philosophy; this is our unique position especially in comparison to the many purely sports oriented activities and other schools.

Here is our website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Self defense, Fitness, jiu-jitsu and Weapons



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