Jr. Pankration and Muay Thai Test Results for October ’10 for Kids MMA Vancouver

Jr. Pankration/MMA Test Results October ’10 for Kids MMA Vancouver

Kaitylyn Jung-red belt, Kiera Lee-Pii-red belt, Avery Lee-Pii-blue belt, Jimmy Huynh-green belt, Joe Xiang-purple belt, Dylan Whitney-Purple belt, Themi Kapanidis-purple belt, Robert Bingham-yellow belt, Vincent Diep-yellow belt, Blair Nolan-yellow belt, Aidan Wilson-yellow belt, Willis Lee-yellow belt. Congratulations OSU!

Muay Thai Test Results October ’10

Minna Kim-blue belt, Lee McCulloch-blue belt, Arash Ravanchi-green belt, Sandeep Kaler-green belt, Kevin Lam-orange belt, Daniel Van Tinj-yellow belt, Jason Zhou-yellow belt pending, Blair Wang-yellow belt pending. Congratulations OSU

Congratulations for setting a good example for our Kids MMA Vancouver.  This achievement is an example of setting goals and following through to completion. There is an excellent article on the purpose of testing in the manual and on this blog. To reiterate somewhat,  the acceptance  of this challenge sets the stage for further accomplishments.  Traditionally, it would be said that training is its own reward but some recognition is important; especially in our culture.  Typically people, especially beginners need an outside validation for their progress and that is fine.  In our style we strive to develop intrinsic and external reward systems.  With each passed test a new goal can be set for future and further progress. Progress being the main ingredient. As the certificate states what is expected: ” In the future it is expected that you will continue diligent study to further your progress in the martial arts.” OSU!

Here is an article by Frank Shamrock on the benefits of MMA training and competition:

What Are Some Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting?

So you’re gung-ho and ready to begin your Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, but your loved ones question the benefits of MMA fighting and try to hold you back or dampen your interest. They may equate MMA only with fighting and not with the vast and diverse advantages it provides to those who study it.

Share this list of life-changing benefits the next time someone asks you why you want to get involved in Mixed Martial Arts:

  • Community. Joining an MMA community keeps you on track with your training and helps you make some friends along the way.
  • Confidence. The confidence built from training in MMA can accompany you into the office, your relationships, and wherever else you can use a self-assurance boost! You may find yourself with increased leadership skills or an ability to conquer presentations just like you would in the ring. Your newfound confidence will also help deter any would-be attackers.
  • Discipline. The discipline you’re sure to develop from training in MMA can be applied to the rest of your life, from enhancing your capacity to stick to a schedule to strengthening your resolve to eat well.
  • Fitness. Training in MMA is guaranteed to improve your level of fitness. MMA fighters are some of the most superior, well-rounded, Olympic-caliber athletes of the day. Living the MMA lifestyle can therefore transform your body, along with your mind and spirit.
  • Self-defense. Studying MMA can greatly increase your level of preparedness in the face of a dangerous situation. With your knowledge of combative arts, you can defend yourself whenever you need to.
    Kids MMA Vancouver

    Kids MMA Vancouver

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