Van Int’l Most Points for Kids No Gi Picture – Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Van Int’l Most Points for Kids No Gi Picture – Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

On December 5 ’15 Posener’s Pankration/MMA won the award for 1st place in overall points for the Kids No Gi competition at the Vancouver Open International Jiu-Jitsu Competition. In this relatively recent foray into Jiu-jitsu competition, in particular,  in the last couple of years we have won 3 similar awards. The Team is having a lot of fun, learning, progressing and enjoying the experiences. I am looking forward to new and varied experiences. Thank you to all the parents for their support and involvement, as it makes for a strong team.


Here is some information on our Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver program:

Vancouver’s ultimate Submission Wrestling training for: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Self Defense, Fitness, Mental Discipline and Sport.

Our Submission Wrestling classes utilize techniques adapted from free-style wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu – BJJ Vancouver, “Catch-as-catch-can” (Folk American wrestling), Catch Wrestling, Shoot wrestling, Sambo, and Judo. These techniques are modified to be applicable for Pankration, MMA fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) and Submission wrestling as a sport. Our submission wrestling classes are a subsection of our Pankration curriculum.

It is the blending of our striking within the grappling context that makes our style unique and distinctive.
Whether it is the blending of striking and grappling to and from clinching, to take-downs, to ground fighting with submissions, our style is geared towards practicality.

Since our style and curriculum has a broad range of techniques, the individual student has the ability and potential to express their skills to the fullest degree.

Our classes provide an excellent physical workout developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio vascular fitness and flexibility. In the process of training and getting in great shape, the student will be learning techniques that are useful for self-defence and sport.

Our classes are taught by experienced martial artists emphasizing discipline and respect with the aim of helping the student achieve their goals while enjoying the process and developing camaraderie. Many of the students and instructors have been successful using the school’s style in pankration/mixed martial arts and submission wrestling competition.

Our website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training

6 More Lessons on Leadership From West Point for Martial Arts Vancouver

6 More Lessons on Leadership From West Point for Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

6 Lessons Visiting West Point Taught Me

Don Yeager
December 8, 2014

Last month I had the opportunity of a lifetime that was among the most incredible two days in my career as a speaker. I was invited to speak about leadership at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, arguably the greatest leadership school in the world, to speak with the cadets—who will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army and one day lead men and women in protecting our country.

Even though I was there to share my knowledge, West Point also taught me a lot of valuable lessons in greatness that I promise will have a tremendous impact on my life. And I want to pass them along to you here. While on campus, I learned…


1. To lead others, you must first lead yourself.



Everyone who’s driven to be a leader probably wants a large following. But at West Point, your first responsibility is to lead one person—yourself.  As a freshman (also known as a plebe), self is your only leadership responsibility. When you become a sophomore (yearling), you are challenged to lead one other person as their mentor. Third-year students (cows) have the opportunity to lead anywhere from nine to 120 other cadets. And finally, during their last year at West Point, seniors (firsties) have the opportunity to be selected to lead the entire 4,400-member cadet corps. But before any of that can happen, you must prove that you can lead yourself.


2. When your mission is boldly and abundantly clear, you can expect great things from everyone.



Life at West Point is challenging, but every cadet knows what they are signing up for before they arrive. The goal of the academy is grand, but because the mission is clear, cadets step on campus prepared to do big things. Everyone knows what to expect and, as a result, the cadets are ready to work together to accomplish great goals.


3. If you recruit well on the front end, you’ll have fewer issues with attrition and turnover.



Without question, succeeding at this school is not easy. Even so, the academy has a low dropout rate—this is a result of great, honest recruiting efforts. West Point recruiters are not busy trying to sell someone to attend, but, instead, they carefully and deliberately seek out students who align with their vision from the start.


4. Pull from your own experiences—successes and failures alike—as you help shape future leaders.



I had a chance to sit in on several classes and watch professors teach the cadets. The professors brought their lessons to life by teaching around the military experiences that they’d experienced while in the line of duty, as they were in the field and leading. I admired how this touch of realism made every lesson more dynamic to the cadets, and I realized that this kind of teaching is rarely used in other settings.


5. Sports allow you to bring out the best of your competitive side.



They believe every cadet is an athlete. Whether cadets are participating on a varsity team, playing intramural sports or competing in running events, athletic participation is expected—and for good reason. Sports help cadets to discipline their aggressive pursuit of goals to maximum efficiency. The administration at West Point wants these skills to be practiced actively by every cadet.


6. Precision and teamwork are highly important to any great mission.



I had a chance to have lunch in the cadet mess hall. Incredibly, all 4,400 cadets are served their meals in 12 minutes. It was a feat to behold and was the definition of meticulousness and clockwork. I was consistently fascinated with how the academy implemented discipline in such an everyday occurrence.

Check in next week for the leadership lessons I shared with the cadets at West Point.

** Another good article for Posener’s students for Martial Arts Vancouver

Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, Cardio Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training





Francis Tiapis wins at BFL 40 for MMA Vancouver from Posener’s Pankration

Francis Tiapis wins at BFL 40 for MMA Vancouver from Posener’s Pankration

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Francis Tiapis did an excellent fight against a tough well skilled opponent at BFL 40 in his 2nd MMA Vancouver fight. He won by unanimous decision 30- 27 on all 3 scorecards. He showed a balanced well rounded skill set of effective striking, good offensive and defensive wrestling skills, and good groundwork with effective positional controls, ground and pound for damage, and GNP for improving position and setting up submissions.

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Here are some highlights of each round: Largely off memory. It is not perfect and just a rough biased perspective. 🙂 I haven’t had time to look at the video besides a very quick perusal.

Round 1:


Francis lands some effective strikes, as does the opponent, and Binderpaul puts him to the cage. Francis did well defending the cage attacks, got wrist control, pummeled in to a better position and reversed the position and got out of danger. He put Binderpaul’s back against the cage.  He attempted a takedown and they disengaged and did some striking. During an initial exchange Binderpaul got Francis’s back and attempted to put Francis in danger. However, Francis was able to reverse position, scramble and get on top. Now Fancis uses some of his GNP, passes guard, isolates and arm, does more GNP and challenges for a submission with a couple of catches. Binderpaul defends quite well but Francis is on the offensive and established clear dominance in the round.

Round 2:


This rounds starts with both fighters trading some combinations. Francis seems, in my opinion, to land  cleaner and more effective muay thai combinations. Binderpaul goes to the ground due to strikes and partially losing balance. Francis goes on top and works his GNP. Francis gets mount and looks like he may finish the fight. He maintains mount for a good portion of the round and challenges for the choke and more GNP. Binderpaul defends well and is very competitive showing good spirit, heart, and skill on the ground. Towards the end of the round Francis goes for one of his stronger submissions, the arm bar and gets close but Binderpaul defends well. The round ends soon after the armbar attempt. This was an exciting good round for Francis.

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Round 3:


This round the fighters exchange and go to the ground quite quickly. Both fighters have been working very hard and putting all they had into the first 2 rounds. They are both a little tired. Francis seems to have good, or better,  strength and conditioning; with some training in with Gus Rodriquez in the S@C classes and his own homework.  Most of the round is with Francis on top in Binderpaul’s guard. They battle for posture, grips and GNP. Francis keeps a strong edge, does a lot of GNP and finishes the round landing good strikes from the guard. He is close to our instructions and finishes the round with a strong flurry of GNP.  This was another strong round for Francis.

This was an excellent fight for both fighters. They both had well rounded skills and strong spirit. It was good for Francis to have a good match and get some cage time. He is healthy, undamaged and enjoying the competitive experience.  We are certainly looking forward to Francis showing the next level of progress.

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Here is our website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training

Copa Roots Tournament Results for Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver at Posener’s MMA.

Copa Roots Tournament Results for Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver at Posener’s MMA.

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Here are the results of the Copa Roots Tournament for Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver:

Adam Posener: Gold- 3 matches: 2 rnc and 1 armbar, Ayden Arnold: Gold- 2 matches: 2 entangled armbars, Dylan Cheng- Gold: 3 matches- 2 submissions and one points victory, Ben Beaulieu- Gold: 2 matches won on points, Antonio Costantino- Silver- 4 matches with 2 Submissions by armbar, Marques Calapiz: Silver- 4 matches with 2 submissions by armbar, Micah Calapiz: Silver- 4 matches with 2 submissions by armbar, Rodean Nazari: Silver- 3 matches, Artin Nazari: Silver: 5 matches and one submission by bulldog choke, and Honourable mention to Brandon Cheng. Great work everyone!! It is great to see the progress, strong spirit and positive attitude.



I would especially like to thank the parents who have stepped up as assistant coaches. I appreciate greatly your involvement and help. It creates a win-win situation.

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

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Here is some information on our Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver program:

Vancouver’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts school for children and youths.

With special attention given to motor skill development, mental focusing attributes, and children’s inherent capabilities. Youth kickboxing Vancouver Children’s and Teen classes are designed to emphasize:


The development of these qualities and principals are given extra attention because they build a strong foundation in the three battles: the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.If developed properly, then success is assured.

We engage in a brief zazen meditation at the beginning of each class to become present, focused and prepared for what is to come in the class, and, at the end of class, we meditate briefly to lock in the experiences, center our energy, and commit to continuing making progress. As a regular practice to enhance learning, we also repeat strongly the Tenets of the School, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit, at the end of each class to solidify the development of these qualities for Kids Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver.


Our Qualification Code, which is a form to be filled out by the parent and student for advancement in rank, for Kids MMA Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai, highlights that respect and school achievement, in addition to the development of combative skills in mixed martial arts, are highly valued, esteemed and developed.


The development of equanimity of spirit is also given special attention in order to deal with challenges well; especially in regards to winning and losing. The attributes of effort, determination, skill development and spirit are given special attention, as these qualities will lead to enduring success. The goal of truly doing one’s best, regardless of outcome, especially in regards to some combative sport applications, is given priority to help develop progress, growth and character. The consistent and continuous goal of making progress in all areas, both on the mat and off, will help develop a student’s full long term potential for Kids/Youth MMA Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai.

Our website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, Kids Jiu-Jitsu, Stength and Conditioning and Personal Training

Gio Platon Victorious by 3rd Round TKO in Debut for Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver

Gio Platon Victorious by 3rd Round TKO in Debut for Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver

Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver

Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver

Gio Platon did his Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver debut on Friday night and won by 3rd Round TKO at the Fraserview Hall. He fought a tough, well conditioned, well schooled opponent. Both fighters had good skill and toughness. Gio went to southpaw stance in the 3rd round and unleashed a number of punches that staggered his opponent and put him on the ground. The ref stopped the fight after the opponent hit the canvas. It was a good experience for Gio and he was excited to compete in Muay Thai for the first time. He has done a couple of Sanshou tournaments in the past and he has a goal of also doing MMA.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver

Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver



Here is what Gio said about his fight:



Finally got a chance to step in the ring and I loved it. I’ve still got a lot to learn In there but I’m willing to put in the hard work and dedication for some thing that I’m passionate about. I will always love to compete, I’m a competitor no matter what. Thanks to my family and friends that supported me ! You guys made my night even more memorable !



Here is some information on our Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program:

Kickboxing Vancouver

We have two types of Kickboxing programs at our school:

Muay Thai Kickboxing and Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Here is a brief description of the two programs and their differences:

Muay Thai Kickboxing:

Our traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program develops the main benefits of Self Defense, Fitness, Mental Discipline and Sport. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program utilizes techniques and principles from the Thai tradition, Dutch Kickboxing methods, Japanese methods and principles, and concepts and techniques from Western Boxing. Our style, which has been taught by Simon Posener, who has been training for almost 35 years and teaching full time for 25 years, is constantly evolving and improving, as that is our original goal. The desire to grow, evolve and improve is constant.  The instructors are experienced, personable, knowledgeable and have a passion for teaching the art and improving teaching methods and techniques. We have a long history of producing excellent mixed martial artists and champions of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Pankration / MMA.


One of the main differences between the Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program and the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program is the application of progressive levels of contact sparring, which occurs in the traditional class. Stylistically, the classes are similar. The traditional Muay Thai class is Fitness and Combat intensive. The Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing class is more Fitness and technique intensive and less sparring intensive.


In the Traditional class once a student learns the A,B,C’s of defense, which are the  basic defenses from the main strikes used in Muay Thai, which are very important for developing confidence, the basic footwork patterns, and the execution of the basic strikes and clinches, a student will learn progressive levels of contact sparring. Sparring is a requirement for progress in the system. At the beginning levels the sparring is light to medium contact and at the advanced levels a student will participate in full contact, full Muay Thai sparring. Individual differences are considered in the timing and onset of sparring. Progress is also based on the individual, as everyone is unique in their goals and challenges,  and they are compared to their own progress.  Once a student is comfortable with the basics and has a desire to spar, with instructor approval, a graduated method will be started. The benefits of sparring are many. A student will learn to handle pressure of various types, develop physical and mental discipline,  and get a great workout. The pressure from contact sparring is also very important in application of self defense techniques, which are also a part of the curriculum. Self defense applications are taught within the classes and other classes within the school. Also, the Muay Thai sparring will benefit the competitive aspect of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Kickboxing, Shootboxing, Sanshou and Pankration/MMA.


Our goal in the training is to develop the technique and spirit of the art to the highest level, build camaraderie, and develop a student’s full, balanced, personal potential.


We are offering a free week trial at the school, so you can try us out and see how we can benefit you and help you achieve your goals, or simply enroll today


Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing

The Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program develops the main benefits of Self Defense, Fitness and Mental Discipline. This program is stylistically the same as the traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing class but does not have the goal of hard contact sparring or direct Sport application. However, many of the competitors and students who participate in the traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing program also participate in the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing class because it is an excellent workout and will, without question, improve fitness levels and will provide an opportunity for further skill development. The classes are less formal, done to music, and do not have the pressure of full contact sparring. It is a focused class with the goal of developing skills and peak fitness levels. Advancement in the program is based on a progressive 10 level system. Students advance in the curriculum based on attendance, which is the most important aspect especially within the beginning levels, skill development, and personal fitness level improvements. The advancement of the student is based on their own progress, as everyone has unique challenges and goals.


The classes are a high energy explosive workout. The training will develop cardio vascular fitness, aerobic and anaerobic,  muscular strength and muscular endurance, flexibility, burn fat, and improve energy levels. There will not be contact free sparring. We will, however, utilize: sharp shooting techniques, which are non contact, one step sparring, interactive drills and, for more advanced students, semi-free sparring. There is also a self defense component taught specifically, which includes self defense applications of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.


There are many goals which can be obtained in the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver classes. We emphasize an effective workout utilizing Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques to get the student in the best shape they can. We also provide free nutritional counselling, upon request, and provide diet tips to teach the relationship of a healthy lifestyle and diet on mental and physical fitness levels.  As we work together in the class in a spirit of growth and progress, the goal is to make progress on many levels, get results, have fun and make friends.


We are offering a free week trial at the school, so you can try us out and see how we can benefit you and help you achieve your goals, or simply enroll today. 

Our website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Personal Training