Belt Test Results: Posener’s Pankration/ Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

Belt Test Results: Posener’s Pankration/ Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

Kids Martial Arts Vancouver

Congratulations: Ben Beaulieu: Purple Belt, Chloe Phan: Orange Belt, Kingston Park: Orange Belt, Kameron Lum: Yellow belt, Emini Arnold: Yellow Belt, Tabitha Tan: Yellow Belt, Ronin Sharma: Yellow Belt, Arjun Sharma: Yellow Belt,

Stripe testing: Naomi Wolf: Red belt 1st stripe, Nikolas Kristiansen: Blue belt 1st stripe, Marques Calapiz: Green belt 1st stripe, Micah Calapiz: Green belt 1st stripe, Ernesto Lepore: 4th stripe Purple belt, Aryan Kalia: 4th stripe Purple belt, Rodin Nazari: 4th stripe Purple belt, Artin Nazari: 4th stripe Purple belt,  Hunter Mannes: 1st stripe Purple belt, Tyson Quan: 1st stripe Orange Belt,

Huge Congratulations on those who tested and made progress!!! OSU!

1st stripe: striking, 2nd stripe: wrestling, 3rd stripe: Jiu-Jitsu, 4th stripe Pankration/MMA sparring.

Here is an article on the Purpose of Testing:

The Purpose of Testing for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver.

The Purpose of Testing for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

The Purpose of Testing


  • Progress Check:- To pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses. To learn to turn the weakness into strengths and to make the strong points stronger.
  • Provide Reinforcement:-  (internally and externally) Internally, personal satisfaction upon achievement and externally, the receipt and status of belt and certificate.
  • Teaches Goal Setting and Achievement:- Discipline and Application of martial concepts are needed. “To plan your work and work your plan.”
  • Rules: 1. All start at the bottom
  • 2. Everyone works
  • 3. Nothing is Free.
  • Counterpoint: “Training is its own reward.”

Purpose of Test

By James Keating


We have testing because we wish to go beyond the normal levels of skill. To undergo such rigors is symbolic of fighting for one’s very life. An ancient ritual of survival where one earns the right to exist and enter into a lifelong struggle for self-perfection and enlightenment. When each test is successfully completed we do not see an end, but rather a beginning. A new starting point for our inner-selves. Every test is separate and unique. To compare tests is to miss the basic premise of the martial arts. The “individual spirit” must always be placed before the physical and mental limitations. We are taught to have personal and social balance; to stand with confidence and poise. This individuality is what eventually leads to mastery, a process of self-realization. One should always train hard with control and respect. We are being tested on many levels besides just the conquering of foes.


Testing is not always a physical matter, sometimes it is a “right of passage” via daily life. Look deeply into your concepts of rank, testing and related endeavors. Win, lose, pass or fail you must conduct yourself in a manner befitting a warrior at all times. Whether testing or being tested, you need only to practice with all your being and nothing shall come between you and your dream.

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Here is a link to our website:Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling/Jiu-jitsu, Cardio Kickboxing and Weapons

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Integrity: Posener’s Martial Arts Vancouver

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Integrity: Posener’s Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Integrity for Posener’s Martial Arts Vancouver

Sharif H. Joynson
September 2, 2016

For some people, disappointing others is a regular occurrence, and apologizing—for running late, for being behind schedule on the project, for forgetting to do the thing they said they would—has become a recurring theme. They have become desensitized to the pain causing someone’s disappointment and are able to rattle off an “I’m sorry” in a way that doesn’t carry any real remorse.

I know because I was this person. And I had all the excuses, too: I was too busy, I was overwhelmed, things came up, I had no time, I needed more sleep. I used these excuses to avoid the real reason. And that reason was ultimately that I lacked integrity. Until a point in my life when I realized how much I was hurting the people closest to me.

It was time for a change.

My life is currently busier than ever, but by focusing on developing my integrity and addressing my personal areas of weakness, I’ve been able to better serve the people in my life who I once regularly let down.

The following steps are what allowed me to step up, stop repeating the same mistakes and build my integrity.

1. Be hard on yourself.

If you’ve arrived at a place where you know you need to radically improve yourself because you’ve caused others pain—and are in pain yourself as a result—then you have a great opportunity to get leverage on yourself. This means using the mind’s unconscious but powerful system of motivation that causes us to move away from anything that causes us emotional or physical pain.

By not dodging the pain of your failure but instead allowing yourself to feel it fully and associate it with the behaviors you wish to change, you are programming your subconscious to find a better way, to avoid making the same mistakes.

And with enough programming, it will find a way.

Take some time to reflect on where you have let yourself or others down without the excuse-making you used to rely on to avoid this pain, and then resolve to improve.

2. Apologize the right way.

Just as you must stop yourself from using the past pattern of excuse-making when trying to create leverage against yourself, this is even more important if you have someone to apologize to.

An “I’m sorry, but…” is not a true apology. A real apology is simply and honestly, “I’m sorry.”

Another important part of an apology is to avoid promising the other person that you’ll give them the world to make up for the mistake. If you resolve to show them more respect by being true to your word, then avoid using too many words.

Related: How to Make the Most of Your Mistakes

3. Stop over-promising.

If you lack integrity, one of your defining characteristics is overpromising and under-delivering. And you simply have to stop doing it.

Take note of every time you make promises that are hard to keep and analyze why you need to please people all the time. Practice saying no to things you know you will have difficulty completing. This isn’t about setting boundaries with other people so much as setting boundaries with yourself.

4. Strengthen your decision-making power.

Your personal integrity is defined by the power of your decisions. By power, I mean the capacity to keep the decision you’ve made in the forefront of your mind and keep it a priority. Practice making decisions with the end in mind. Start small.

When you remember that recycling needs to be delivered today, resolve to do that as soon as you get through the door. Then stick to it. Check your emails at a predetermined time and then close your laptop. Set reminders for things. The important part of this isn’t setting the reminder but resolving that when that alarm goes off, you will drop whatever you are doing and do it right then.

5. Develop a routine.

If you struggle to be on time and often find yourself scrambling to finish projects by deadline, you’re weakening your integrity. Time mismanagement causes a vicious cycle of letting people down and failing to stay true to your word. Your ability to maintain a routine tells people you can be trusted.

The best place to start is at the beginning of your day. If you can start your day the same way, then you begin to develop positive habits that will spill over into the rest of your life.

Here are some tips for using your morning to strengthen your integrity:

  • Blast yourself with cold water at the end of your shower. It jolts your mind and nerves awake and gets you ready for the day.
  • Consume at least one large glass of water and eat a healthy breakfast. You’ll need fuel to keep up your energy and productivity throughout the day.
  • Practice gratitude. Take just five minutes to meditate on or list things you are grateful for. It’s an incredibly powerful way to align you with what’s important to you. These thoughts are then reflected in your actions.

So if you want to step up and become a person who people can rely on and you want to stop letting others down, then well done. Just that intent alone is admirable.

Now follow these steps and start living in a way that you can be proud of and positively affects the lives of those you love.

Here is our Personal Training Website:

Our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver website

Please read and share: Have a great Labor Day Long weekend.

Richard Ronquillo Testimonial: Posener’s Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Richard Ronquillo Testimonial: Posener’s Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

I started training at Posener’s Pankration in June 2015. I had no previous experience in martial arts but it was something I’ve been interested in for a long time. I’ve always lived a fairly active lifestyle but I was looking to challenge myself in a new way. I was immediately hooked during my free week trial so I began training regularly. After several months of training, my goal was to compete in a sanshou tournament. My diet wasn’t something I really paid much attention to, but in order to compete I wanted to be in peak condition. So I began eating cleaner and healthier. With mental discipline, consistent training and a healthy diet I had improved my martial arts skills and had reached a level of fitness I had never been at before. I soon reached my goal and competed in 2 sanshou tournaments, obtaining a silver medal at the CanAm’s. Sensei Simon, the other instructors and all the students were extremely supportive and helpful in preparing me. I’m excited to continue improving my skills and look forward to competing more in the future.


Great Testimonial Richard! Keep up the great work. It is inspiring to read and other students will be inspired to succeed in a variety or ways.


Here is some information on our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver Program:

Vancouver’s ultimate Submission Wrestling training for: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Self Defense, Fitness, Mental Discipline and Sport.

Our Submission Wrestling classes utilize techniques adapted from free-style wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu – BJJ Vancouver, “Catch-as-catch-can” (Folk American wrestling), Catch Wrestling, Shoot wrestling, Sambo, and Judo. These techniques are modified to be applicable for Pankration, MMA fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) and Submission wrestling as a sport. Our submission wrestling classes are a subsection of our Pankration curriculum.

It is the blending of our striking within the grappling context that makes our style unique and distinctive.
Whether it is the blending of striking and grappling to and from clinching, to take-downs, to ground fighting with submissions, our style is geared towards practicality.

Since our style and curriculum has a broad range of techniques, the individual student has the ability and potential to express their skills to the fullest degree.

Our classes provide an excellent physical workout developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio vascular fitness and flexibility. In the process of training and getting in great shape, the student will be learning techniques that are useful for self-defence and sport.

Our classes are taught by experienced martial artists emphasizing discipline and respect with the aim of helping the student achieve their goals while enjoying the process and developing camaraderie. Many of the students and instructors have been successful using the school’s style in pankration/mixed martial arts and submission wrestling competition.



Here is our Personal Training Website:



Here is our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning

8 Simple Ways To Make More Time for Training – Martial Arts Vancouver

8 Simple Ways To Make More Time for Training – Martial Arts Vancouver

Not all of us have the luxury of time. Whether we’re students, working professionals or stay at home moms, there’s always something that seems to get in the way of our training time. As much as we’d like to work on becoming the best versions of ourselves mentally and physically, 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough time to fit everything in.

Don’t stress! Today, Evolve Daily shares 8 Simple Ways To Make More Time For Training:

1) Do away with idle time! 

ONE Superstar Amir Khan 's favorite bodyweight exercise is a push-up.

ONE Superstar Amir Khan’s favorite bodyweight exercise is a push-up.

How many times have you caught yourself spending an unnecessary amount of time just scrolling through your phone? What about all those wasted hours you spent watching TV shows? Don’t you feel like you could have used this time on something more important — like training?

Take a look back at your day and make a mental note of the time you spent idling away. When you’re done, try to rearrange your schedule to replace idle time with training time. You’d be surprised at how much more training time you have!


2) Be more efficient at work!

BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Bruno Pucci works on his ground game at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Bruno Pucci works on his ground game at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

If you find yourself checking Facebook every twenty minutes at work, chances are, you’re not being very time efficient. Those long lunch breaks, leisurely walks to the coffee machine, and catch up sessions with the office cleaning lady are also enough to cut into a big chunk of your workday.

Instead of finding ways to procrastinate, why not be more efficient and actually focus on work? Set aside all your distractions, concentrate, and just get the job done. By the time you’re finished with work, you’ll be able to fit in an extra Muay Thai class!


3) Get lots of rest!

ONE Superstar Angela Lee gets a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night.

ONE Superstar Angela Lee gets a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night.

There’s no doubt about it — the number of hours you sleep per night has a direct correlation with your performance in training, as well as your ability to train. Studies show that REM sleep gives the brain and body energy and if cut short, slows recovery. Thus, the more you rest, the more time your body has to recover, giving you more time to train.


5) Plan your days well!

We should never forget to stretch before and after a workout!

We should never forget to stretch before and after a workout!

Back when we were students, the importance of sticking to a schedule was always ingrained in us. A schedule allowed us ample study time to perform well in school and also gave us a few minutes of play each day. As adults with the freedom of creating our own schedule and enough smart phone apps to help us manage, following a schedule has definitely become easier.  Planning our days just like we did back in school  (and sticking to the plan) gives us the opportunity to make time for more important things —  like training.


6) Make your lunch hour count!

Creating a frame with your forearms is one way to escape from sidemount.

Creating a frame with your forearms is one way to escape from sidemount.

If we can’t seem to find time to train before and after our regular daily routines, why not train during lunchtime? Although it might seem a bit cumbersome to fit in exercise, a shower, a quick commute, and lunch — all it takes is careful planning and coordination on your part.

There are many ways to make training at lunch a breeze. You can pack your gym bag with lunch that is easy to eat on the go, and clothes are easy to change into after. One thing to remember is that you should never replace a meal with a workout. So always make it a point to eat after training, even if it’s just a small snack.


7) Just get it over with!

Training both gi and no gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will make you a more well-rounded student.

Training both gi and no gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will make you a more well-rounded student.

We understand that not everybody is a morning person. Working out first thing in the morning might take some time to get used to, but the benefits might make anyone think otherwise. It gives you less reason to procrastinate — the later in the day you work out, the more distractions potentially stand in the way of your training.

Apart from this, you’ll also feel more focused and energized for the rest of the day. Going through your workday will feel like a breeze because you’re ready to concentrate and get down to business. More importantly, you would be able to make time for other important things — like spending quality time with your family.


8) Involve your significant other!

Want to find more time to train? Why not ask your significant other to join you! Experts say that training together not only strengthens a relationship, it also gives you both a new and exciting way to bond. Instead of spending quality time elsewhere, you might find that training together at the gym is the perfect way to strengthen your relationship as you work together to become the best version of yourselves.


With enough effort, there’s no doubt that making time for training should be simple for anyone. Just like everything else in life, all we need is to weigh our priorities and balance our lives in order to meet our goals – training or otherwise.

So tell us, how will you make more time for training this week?

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

Here is our Main Website:

Here is our Personal Training Website:

Filip Matos: GI BJJ at Posener’s MMA for Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver


Filip Matos:  GI BJJ  at Posener’s MMA for Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver


We are very excited to start a Gi based BJJ Program on Saturday’s at 12:30 pm. Our projected start date is the first Saturday after the July long weekend on July 9 ’16.


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

The cost of the classes will be $170 for 10 lessons or $340 for 25 lessons.

We are flexible to accommodate individual needs. We are certainly looking to grow the program and provide  multiple benefits for Jiu-Jitsu  players, for Muay Thai strikers to get their feet wet in grappling, to enhance mma enthusiasts repertoire of skills. We also want to show the benefits of  the Jiu-Jitsu art for Adults, Men, Women and Children.

 As an incentive for people who enroll prior to July 1 ’16, we will give a 10% discount to get the program running. 


You are going to need a Gi. I will have a variety of options available. Pictures and prices are going to be listed below. ** My apologies for the program formatting the pictures and text non uniformly. The prices are also at the bottom of the pictures.

Kids BJJ Gi  $79


martial arts vancouver

martial arts vancouver $79.




Adult BJJ Gi White: $125


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver $125.



 Adult Blue or Black Gi: $135. 


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

martial arts vancouver $135.


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver $135.


We will also have some higher end options for Adults.

Nova Gi White: $135. 


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver $135.

Nova Gi Blue or Black: $145. 


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver $145.

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver $145.



Nova Gi White with Liner: $165. 


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Women’s Jiu-Jitsu $165.


Nova Gi Black or Blue with Liner: $175. 


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Grappling Vancouver $175.


Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver $175.


Our complete web page should be ready in a week or two. Please refer to this page for basic information, Gi styles and prices and enrollment specials. Kids Belts are included but Adults belts will cost an additional $10.   A sizing chart is on the dojo wall and we are happy to talk with you about your martial arts, fitness, and self defense goals.

Filip Matos is a BJJ Black belt with a wealth of competition experience and a certified referee. He also understands MMA and the application of BJJ Gi grappling skills into a no gi or a mma context. He has a MMA record of 9-1. We are certainly looking forward to the opportunity to help people with skills, fitness, martial arts goals and to have fun.

If you have any questions, please let me know and more exciting information will be coming up.

Here is our main website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Personal Training and more.