Hayden Francis: GI BJJ Vancouver Program at Posener’s MMA

Hayden Francis GI BJJ Vancouver Program at Posener’s MMA 

BJJ Vancouver

BJJ Vancouver


We are making a small change to the timing of our GI BJJ Vancouver program. We are going to be running the class on Wednesday’s from 7-8 pm. This will enable the juniors who want to do the MMA class from 5-7 pm to transition into the GI BJJ class and the adults can also attend and transition to the Muay Thai from 8- 9:30 pm.


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Here is a brief description of Hayden Francis and his philosophy:


Hayden started BJJ by taking grappling classes in high school, from then on he was hooked. His official training began in December of 2009 at Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu School and Hayden quickly adopted Jiu Jitsu as the foundation of his daily activity; helping his focus and supporting all other aspects of his life. Hayden’s teaching goals focus on conceptual learning that matches the goals and learning styles of students. Hayden believes learning concepts rather than a step-by-step process helps to make lessons more solid for students and let them follow their own path in Jiu Jitsu.

Hayden is currently a brown belt and has a wealth of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  ( BJJ Vancouver ) and competition.



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We are looking forward to this new time slot for the GI BJJ Vancouver class, as it should help both the students and instructor attend regularly and make progress. The Saturday time slot often conflicted with tournaments and events.



You will need a Gi for the program. Below are a couple of examples of basic Gis. We do order all our Gis from www.Bushido.ca . You are welcome to click on the link to see all the color and style options to suit your taste and needs. You can order the items at the dojo. Please ask Simon Posener for details.



BJJ Vancouver

BJJ Vancouver Kid’s Gi from $85.90 – $95.90


BJJ Vancouver

BJJ Vancouver  Basic Adult Gi $119.90 – color options available


Thank you and we will look forward to having you join this program! OSU!


Our Website: http://www.PosenersPankrationmma.com



West Coast Can Am Results: Posener’s Martial Arts Vancouver

West Coast Can Am Results: Posener’s Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

                    Kids Jiu-Jitsu

 Ayden Arnold: Gold in Gi and Gold in No Gi. ( 2 more belts to add to his collection), Adam Posener: Silver in Gi, Artin Nazari: Bronze in Gi and Silver in No Gi, Rodean Nazari: Bronze in Gi, Antonio Costantino: Silver in Gi and Bronze in No Gi,


Very disappointing: Chris Toews trained very hard and was well prepared but no one was in his division and no one wanted to set up for him. As a positive, Chris has decided to step up and take a fight in Ohio in the Sanshou International Tournament.


Congratulations for Lance Kawi for competing in a tough division and fighting hard and losing a close decision. Special thank you to Gus Rodriquez and Paul Palines for coaching and supporting Lance.


Thank you for the instructor team: Costa Rojas, George Kassimatis, Filip Matos from Roll JJ, Emilio Ditrocchio, Andrew De Leon, Paul Palines, Gus Rodriquez.

Thank you also for the support of the parents, students and friends.

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver


Let’s keep at it and keep progressing and next time.


Here is some information on our Kids Martial Arts vancouver program:

Vancouver’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts school for children and youths.

With special attention given to motor skill development, mental focusing attributes, and children’s inherent capabilities. Youth kickboxing Vancouver Children’s and Teen classes are designed to emphasize:


The development of these qualities and principals are given extra attention because they build a strong foundation in the three battles: the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.If developed properly, then success is assured.

We engage in a brief zazen meditation at the beginning of each class to become present, focused and prepared for what is to come in the class, and, at the end of class, we meditate briefly to lock in the experiences, center our energy, and commit to continuing making progress. As a regular practice to enhance learning, we also repeat strongly the Tenets of the School, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit, at the end of each class to solidify the development of these qualities for Kids Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver.


Our Qualification Code, which is a form to be filled out by the parent and student for advancement in rank, for Kids MMA Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai, highlights that respect and school achievement, in addition to the development of combative skills in mixed martial arts, are highly valued, esteemed and developed.


The development of equanimity of spirit is also given special attention in order to deal with challenges well; especially in regards to winning and losing. The attributes of effort, determination, skill development and spirit are given special attention, as these qualities will lead to enduring success. The goal of truly doing one’s best, regardless of outcome, especially in regards to some combative sport applications, is given priority to help develop progress, growth and character. The consistent and continuous goal of making progress in all areas, both on the mat and off, will help develop a student’s full long term potential for Kids/Youth MMA Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai.




Kid’s/ Youth Belt Test Results: Posener’s Pankration/ MMA Vancouver

Kid’s/ Youth Belt Test Results: Posener’s Pankration/ MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Here are the latest results for our Kid’s/ Youth Pankration/MMA testing:

Black Stripe – one level away from Jr. black Belt: Adam Posener, Ayden Arnold, James Wolf, Naomi Wolf. 

Red belt:  Nikolas Kristiansen.

Blue belt:  Antonio Costantino.

Green belt:  Aryan Kalia, Benjamin Beaulieu, Artin Nazari, Rodean Nazari, Hunter Manness, Ernesto Lepore. 

Purple belt:  Kyrah Tongol – Airth, Kingston Park. 

Orange belt:  Tabitha Tam. 

Yellow belt:  Stefano Lepore, Harper Park, Maxwell Sauve, Elijah De Leon. 



What an honor and privilege to teach these kids and youth mixed martial arts. It is awe inspiring to see their growth in skill and maturity in many areas. The more experienced students at the black stripe level have been training at the school from 5-8 years approximately. I am certainly looking forward to continue teaching and guiding these students. The practice is meaningful, beneficial and develops character on and off the mat. This test is the culmination of time and effort. It was a great experience that will positively foreshadow the future successes.



MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Here is our article on the Purpose of Testing: please read.

The Purpose of Belt Testing for MMA Vancouver

The Purpose of Belt Testing


  • Progress Check:To pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses. To learn to turn the weakness into strengths and to make the strong points stronger.
  • Provide Reinforcement:–  (internally and externally) Internally, personal satisfaction upon achievement and externally, the receipt and status of belt and certificate.
  • Teaches Goal Setting and Achievement:Discipline and Application of martial concepts are needed. “To plan your work and work your plan.”
  • Rules:
  • 1. All start at the bottom
  • 2. Everyone works
  • 3. Nothing is Free.
  • Counterpoint: “Training is its own reward.”

Purpose of Test

By James Keating



We have testing because we wish to go beyond the normal levels of skill. To undergo such rigors is symbolic of fighting for one’s very life. An ancient ritual of survival where one earns the right to exist and enter into a lifelong struggle for self-perfection and enlightenment. When each test is successfully completed we do not see an end, but rather a beginning. A new starting point for our inner-selves. Every test is separate and unique. To compare tests is to miss the basic premise of the martial arts. The “individual spirit” must always be placed before the physical and mental limitations. We are taught to have personal and social balance; to stand with confidence and poise. This individuality is what eventually leads to mastery, a process of self-realization. One should always train hard with control and respect. We are being tested on many levels besides just the conquering of foes.

Testing is not always a physical matter, sometimes it is a “right of passage” via daily life. Look deeply into your concepts of rank, testing and related endeavors. Win, lose, pass or fail you must conduct yourself in a manner befitting a warrior at all times. Whether testing or being tested, you need only to practice with all your being and nothing shall come between you and your dreams. 


MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Our Website: www.PosenersPankrationmma.com

Our personal training website: www.UltimatePersonalTrainingVancouver.com

5 Reasons to start training in MMA: Posener’s MMA Vancouver

5 Reasons to start training in MMA:  Posener’s MMA Vancouver

There’s a good reason why MMA, or mixed martial arts, is the fastest growing sport in the world. Thanks to organizations such as ONE Championship and the UFC, mixed martial artists have become household names, right up there with boxing legends. If you didn’t already know, mixed martial arts is a sport that applies aspects of both standing (striking) and ground (grappling) martial arts.

Because of its utilization of different martial arts, many consider mixed martial arts to be one of the most challenging sports out there. It is also the most realistic system for real-life self-defense situations. If you’re looking for the best way to challenge yourself mentally and physically, perhaps an MMA class is right up your alley. Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Reasons Why You Should Start MMA Now In 2017:

1) MMA will make you the fittest you’ve ever been

The Lee siblings have been training martial arts ever since they were toddlers. MMA Vancouver

If you’re looking for a way to get into great shape, you should consider MMA. MMA fighters are all about conditioning – after all, it takes a lot of strength and endurance to last 15 minutes in the cage. Because MMA fighters need to excel in every aspect of fighting, be it on the ground, striking on their feet or pummeling in the clinch, they are constantly battling it out with their opponents to finish the fight. If that doesn’t make you fit, we don’t know what else will!


2) MMA is the perfect system for self-defense

Should you ever find yourself in a precarious situation, knowing MMA would certainly come in handy. Developed with the intention of making it as realistic as possible, MMA is undoubtedly the most perfect system for self-defense. Whether you find yourself taken down to the ground or working to deflect strikes on your feet, training MMA will prepare you for both scenarios.


3) MMA will teach you discipline  

BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Alex Silva trains hard at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

Training MMA requires commitment. You need to clock in extensive training hours to become successful in the cage – you’ll need to attend grappling, and striking classes apart from your regular training. If you’re planning on competing, you will need to maintain a healthy diet for a successful weight cut. There’s a lot of hard work involved in becoming a great mixed martial artist – and if you’re disciplined enough, you’ll certainly achieve your goal someday.


4) MMA will take your martial arts journey to the next level

If you’ve been practicing martial arts for awhile, you’d know that applying your martial arts knowledge to MMA is a different ball game altogether. Unlike before, you aren’t just focusing on a single martial art – you’re learning other arts and discovering how they work together in an MMA setting. Whether you’ve been training striking or grappling, learning both will certainly prove to be an interesting challenge.


5) MMA will help unleash the competitor in you

ONE Superstar Mark Striegl started training MMA when he was in high school. MMA Vancouver

Competing and practicing martial arts are two completely different things. When you compete, you’ll be challenged both mentally and physically as you put all that you’ve learned to the test. MMA will help you unleash that competitive spirit. Because the sport of MMA was built on competition, you’ll learn how to harness that inner warrior spirit and take your martial arts journey to a whole other level. This would undoubtedly help you in and out of the gym, encouraging you to be resilient as you push through the challenges you face.


Are you now convinced that you need to start training MMA? So go on, challenge yourself. Sign up for that first class and see how you fare. We guarantee you’ll have the best workout you’ve ever had!

For more information, here is our MMA Vancouver website: www.PosenersPankrationmma.com

Apex Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver Tournament Results: Posener’s MMA

Apex Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver Tournament Results: Posener’s MMA

Kid's Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Here are the results from the Apex Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver Tournament on Sunday Janurary 22 ’17. Gi in partnership with Roll BJJ.

Antonio Costantino: Gold No Gi, Silver Gi. Rodean Nazari: Gold No Gi, Honourable mention in Gi,  Artin Nazari: Gold in Gi and Silver in No Gi, Ayden Arnold: Gold in No Gi and Gold in Gi ( Budo) , Marques Calapiz: Silver in Gi, arm injury, Micah Calapiz: Gold in Gi and Silver in No Gi.

I am very happy with the good results and good spirit displayed. Congratulations to everyone! I am certainly honored to teach and provide benefits. Also, looking forward to more growth, progress, success in all areas. I would also like to thank the parents for their support and travelling on the journey together.

Kid's Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Kid’s Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver


Here is some information on the history of our facilities:

The History of our Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver Facilities


To help in a description of our facilities beyond the above pictures, I would like to provide a brief history of our facilities and growth as a mixed martial arts school to provide some depth to the description of our style and our evolution.  As of this writing in March ’15, I have been teaching mixed martial arts full time for almost 26 years as a school owner. I did teach periodically before going full time in various capacities because I have a deep passion and interest in mixed martial arts.


The first facility that my school operated out of was at 396 Kamloops St. in East Vancouver, which was situated in a banquet hall above a dance studio. I was 26 years old when I started teaching full time in the fall of 1989.  It was a great place to start teaching full time with ample floor space and good basic equipment. I would like to thank Kelly Giannone for giving me an opportunity and confidence to teach full time. During this period, especially since the school was just starting, a lot of time and energy went into the program’s development. The school grew and had very good success. However, in 1992 the landlord wanted to make some changes that did not include my growing martial arts school so we had to find a new facility.


The next location, which started in 1992, was at 2784 E. Hastings St. in East Vancouver; just a few blocks away from our previous location. We stayed at this location till 1996.  We had a good student base so it was important to keep the school, as it is now, in East Vancouver. The location had more expenses but was on the main street, was larger and provided room in many ways to continue to grow and develop.  By this time we had many skilful students who became black belts and champions in Mixed martial arts,  Shootboxing, Sanshou, Kickboxing, and Sabaki, a combination of bare knuckle Karate and Judo.  We were at the forefront of the mixed martial arts evolution. It was an exciting time.


However, the roof started to leak, which precipitated some changes due the landlords not being overly available. A great opportunity presented itself with the help of a couple of students. Cesare presented an opportunity to build a custom made dojo, or school, only a few blocks away. In 1996 construction began on our current facility, which was made for the purpose of housing our mixed martial arts school. Again, it was only a few blocks away from the previous location in East Vancouver.  This was a great blessing in many ways and I am thankful for the school and the people who have contributed to it. As of this date, we are approaching our 19th year at this location. We have 2 custom built floors with two main training areas; the first floor is designed to be more traditional with white paint and little distractions to enable greater inner focus, awareness and skill development. The second floor has more memorabilia, equipment, weights, strength and conditioning gear, showers, changing rooms, Kickboxing ring, mirrors, posters and more. We also have a roof deck for small personal training and private use. Over the years, I can say with confidence that we have provided many benefits to students in skill development on many levels. Our mission, through the instructor team, is to continue to provide mental, physical and spiritual benefits to students and ourselves in the long term through the mixed martial arts.


In the future we will continue to make upgrades on equipment and mats. Our recent upgrades include: new lighting with thanks to Darren Cheng, a new cage fence with thanks to Jay Morris, new 2nd floor mat system with thanks to Costa Rojas for installation and George Kassimatis for sponsoring the project, a new roof, new ground and pound grappling bags from Costa Rojas, and new paint with thanks to Mark Smith. With effort and attention our facilities will continue to house an excellent program, instructor team and benefit student development on a variety of levels in mixed martial arts, fitness and personal development.

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver